Explanatio: Rev. 16:17-21

“And the seventh angel poured out his basin into the air, and the great voice came out of the Temple and from the Throne, saying, “It is done.”” (Rev. 16:17, VL) We have already spoken above about the earth, the sea, the rivers and springs of waters, the Sun, the beast’s throne, the River Euphrates, and the air; here the seven are one. But what he said — ‘“the great voice’ came out ‘of the Temple from the Throne, saying, “It is done.””Prim — ‘that is,’ the voice came out ‘from the Church,’GryTyc which says, ‘“It is finished.”GryTyc, Prim Then ‘he repeats and’GryTyc ‘recapitulates’GryTyc, Prim, Bede ‘from’GryTyc, Bede, Caes ‘that same persecution.’GryTyc, Prim, Bede, Caes

“And there were lightnings and voices and thunders, and there was a great earthquake such as never had happened while humans had been upon the earth, such an earthquake and so great” (Rev. 16:18) — that is , the oppression at the time of Antichrist will be “such as never has been from the beginning of the world.” (Mt. 24:21)

“And that great city was made into three parts.” (Rev. 16:19)’Caes We frequently have said in this book, and we reiterate further, that the ‘“three parts”Caes are to be the people in this world; and two to be of the devil, and one of God. The first part is outside the Church — that is, ‘pagans [“Gentiles”]’Bede and the unfaithful. And the second part is inside the Church, the one which is the “statue of Antichrist.” And the ‘third’ one, which is the ‘Church.’Caes Therefore, ‘the “great city” is the people, all in all, whoever is under heaven, who’GryTyc, Caes ‘will be made into three parts’GryTyc, Caes, Prim when the Church will be separated away, such that Gentile-kind would be one part, and the “abomination of devastation” would be another, and the Church which “comes out of the midst of” him would be the third.

‘For he continues on, and shows they would be the three parts, saying, “And the cities of the nations fell. And that great Babylon came into the mind of God, to give her the winecup of the wine of His wrath. And every island fled, and the mountains were not found.”GryTyc“The cities of the nations”Caes ‘are the nations,’ which we have called “pagans” above. ‘“Babylon”‘ is ‘confusion,’ and it is the ‘“abomination of devastation”GryTyc, Caes which is within the Church, under the name of Christianity. But that he said, ‘“The cities of the nations fell”Prim — ‘he says’GryTyc ‘all’GryTyc, Prim, Bede the fortitude ‘and hope’GryTyc ‘of the nations’GryTyc, Prim, Bede which one may possess in this world are ‘to fall.’GryTyc ‘The Church,’GryTyc, Caes, Prim set up in this world and tormented, is the ‘“mountains”GryTyc, Caes, Prim ‘and’GryTyc, Caes the ‘islands.’GryTyc, Caes, Prim ‘For’GryTyc, Caes“the cities”GryTyc ‘have not been’ separated away ‘from Christians’GryTyc, Caes ‘so that they would fall individually, but’GryTyc ‘when the evil ones’Prim trample down the Church, then [the cities] are also said to “fall” and to lose their hope.

‘Or if it is supposed to be on the Day of Judgment, why is it that “Babylon came into the mind of God” after that?’ GryTyc

‘But David said about these cities, “There is no breach of wall or passage, nor clamor in their streets,” (Ps. 143:14/Ps. 144:14) when both the good and the evil may have the streets in common.’GryTyc Therefore, these are the three parts: Gentile-kind, and Babylon (out of which the people of God were ordered to come), and the islands and mountains which flee. She is the Church. She is said to flee and not to be found – that is, she is to be separated away from the evil ones. ‘For generally, Babylon is evil’GryTyc ‘against Jerusalem,’GryTyc, Caes, Bede ‘either in the nations or’GryTyc ‘in’GryTyc, Prim ‘false brothers;’GryTyc, Prim, Bede so it is to be received instead of the place, as we know the truth. ‘For’Prim ‘then, Babylon “falls”‘GryTyc, Caes, Prim, Bede ‘or drinks “the wrath of God,” when’GryTyc, Caes, Bede ‘she receives power’GryTyc, Caes, Prim, Bede so that ‘the Church’Caes ‘may be persecuted,’Prim ‘especially’GryTyc, Bede in Antichrist’s ‘last’GryTyc, Prim, Bede persecution. ‘On that account,’GryTyc, Prim, Bede ‘he says it is to fall by earthquake for what it does to the Church.’GryTyc, Bede ‘For he says the islands are the seven churches; as Isaiah says, “The water of the sea will be disturbed by the bright renown of the Lord. On that account, the bright renown of the Lord will be in the islands, and the Name of the Lord will be famed in the islands of the sea.” (Is. 24:14-15, VL, Septuagint) He says these islands are to flee and not be found – that is, they are not to be separated,’GryTyc because those who are in agreement with the evil ones are said to be “separated.”*

“And great hail like a talent [in size], which descends from heaven upon all.” (Rev. 16:21) This ‘hail’GryTyc, Caes, Bede “which ‘descends from heaven’Caes is ‘the wrath’GryTyc, Caes, Prim, Bede ‘of God’GryTyc, Caes, Bede which will descend upon sinners; as it is written,

“The wrath of the Lord descending like hail.”(Is. 28:2, Septuagint) By that,’GryTyc, Prim ‘hail,’GryTyc, Caes ‘the Lord promises guardianship to His Church,’GryTyc ‘saying,’GryTyc, Prim“But if the hail will descend, it will not come upon you.” (Is. 32:19, Septuagint) God threatens this hail in this earthquake to’ the same ‘people, saying, “When Gog will come to the land of Israel on that day, there will be an earthquake with hail in the land of Israel,” (Ezek. 38:18-19, Septuagint) and he adds, “I will judge him with death and blood and flooding rain and hailstones, and I will rain fire and sulfur upon him.” (Ezek. 38:22, Septuagint) This plague’GryTyc of hail and sulfur and fire – they are ‘spiritual’GryTyc, Caes plagues within the Church. As we read about the ten plagues in Egypt, by which you may recognize all the spiritual plagues in this book. ‘And’GryTyc ‘all the plagues’GryTyc, Caes, Bede ‘of Egypt were figures’GryTyc, Bede ‘of spiritual plagues.’GryTyc, Caes, Bede

“And humans blasphemed God from out of the plague of hail, for His plague was exceedingly great.” (Rev. 16:21) So that they do ‘not’ blaspheme against God ‘openly,’ but when they revel ‘in’ their ‘sins’Bede and call themselves children of God, they are spiritually devastated by the plague of hail – that is, by the wrath of God. When they trust themselves to live quietly in this world and for a long time, they are drawn slowly away by that light, and they ignore toward what penalty and punishment they are being led.

These are the seven basins – that is, the [seven] spiritual plagues – which are borne in this world, within the Church.

He makes an end here, and ‘recapitulates’GryTyc, Caes ‘from the origin’GryTyc — that is, from Christ’s Passion.


* Gryson has “superatas,” survived.

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